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The Wild Tyson Allen is the most not-Swollest in the known universe . He eats like a Boar, and can't do a push-up to save his life. Every day he eats the exact same thing, and makes sure everyone can smell his beef, and beans. Powers include: Being able to not fit in a single door, and constantly smelling like farts. If encounter his wild animal proceed with caution. He will eat anything that is in a 100 meter radius. I caution you to walk slowly away, although he will never in a million years catch you because he's slow, and very top heavy. Combat suggestions would be to push him slightly as he would fall down, and won't have the core strength to get up. This creature will struggle to death. Be advised he is constantly farting, and the fatality is enough to kill everything in a one mile area. He the reason for the death of my home planet, and he doesn't even have infinite stones. Thanos watch out this is a force not to be provoked.
"Your such a Tyson Allen"
"what's that smell"
by Kill The Queen-Penticton June 07, 2018
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