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A Typical Teen, or a 'TT', is technological pandemic of a group of people who you would typically find on Facebook or in the shopping mall. Typical Teens tend to be girls from the age 13-18. You know those annoying youngsters who post emotional Taylor Swift lyrics status' everyday, have thousands of edited mirror selfies daily, or excessively use smiley faces and acronyms like 'LOL'? We all know someone like that. It's a true disease that is sadly taking over 1 in every 5 teenagers.

Diagnosis: If you take selfies, abbreviate everything, are on facebook 24/7, listen to mainstream music, watch shows and movies that favor to teens, only wear hollister or forever 21, have a new lover every other month, or care way too much about your appearance... You are a TT.

Cure: Sorry but once a TT, always a TT.
Katie: LOL hey wassup GF?!:) I luff Ux10!!! TTYL LOLS

Lara: God, you are such a Typical Teen. I'm praying for you.
by Laraaaaah November 06, 2011
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