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A Senior (2010)girl from the small town of Freeport, PA who acts like a complete and total stuck up bitch. Common phrases from the "TFG" include "soooo immature" as if they are any more mature than everyone else in the school. Many times they believe that hanging out with all girls is a ton better than chilling with everyone as a group, and they act like sex and anything related to it is foreign to them, aka A Freeportian Prude. This class of Freeport girls will go down in history as the most boring and stuck up class of females ever to step foot in Freeport Area School District.
They were being a bunch of Typical Freeport Girl's in the cafeteria acting like they were 5 years old.

At the party the Typical Freeport Girls were being themselves avoiding all of the males.

When the boy went on a blind date with the girl he expected a quick hookup, but when she told him she went to the school of Freeport and she was apart of the class of 2010 he bluffed saying he was going to the bathroom and drove home, he knew it was no outlet with the Typical Freeport Girl.
by prude-ness April 11, 2010
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