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Typhloposting - A digusting form of posting using random out of context images and "funny" texts to try to make people laugh, usually ending in people being confused and annoyed. (Ex. le monkey, poorly drawn crap, low quality random images the user found off of his hard drive, 2009 memes)

Synonyms- image garbage, conversation derailers, the 'everyoneistyping' maker 3000, the only things that typhlo can post, "i cant believe its not 9GAG!", watered down shitposting, the equivalent of requesting online coop, evidence that the user is actually an 8 year old child

Typhloposter - Someone who Typhloposts on are regular basis, and is generally looked down upon, seen as a lesser being. Typhloposting is a sign that someone is a normie trying to fit in with the shitposters, which will never happen.
Typhlosion - *posts le epic meme* hahaha this shit is funny

0rio - stop typhloposting you piece of sh*t, your posts are literally autism
by 0rio May 13, 2018
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