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A magnificent beast that roams southern Ontario, serving as a heroic lifeguard. Tyler the Hedgehog protects North America from infidels, particularly terrorists, neckbeards, Eminem, Nostalgia Critic, and Cheeto Rats. Using his long, thick, exposed hero-shaft, Tyler the Hedgehog bravely fends of terrible criminals and Greeks trying to invade the continent. Tyler the Hedgehog is a true American hero. He is related to Shrek.
Look! It's Tyler the Hedgehog cumming to save the day!
by rudeboyty May 20, 2015
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An average oc sonic character, most common for sonic fans. You can't unfuck your brain when you google his name.
Person One: Have you seen any great sonic characters?

Person Two: YEah that Tyler the Hedgehog is dank and NSFW.

Person One: Alright i'll check him out on the down low.
by LotsOfLove69 March 10, 2017
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