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Known for shaping the lifestyle and guidelines that the straight edge community live by, Tyler also was an original member of the Edge-core band xBLANKETx. After parting with the band in mid 05' he went on to release a solo album title "All Out Better". The album debuted in the spring of 06' at number one on the Billboards top 200. Tyler's fame quickly caught on and he gained many followers which laid down a good basis for the religion T-Lawism. The religion consisted of worshiping and honoring the All Mighty T Law with mannerisms such as taking an absence in the consumption of drugs and alcohol, keeping the flow of the dance pit going, and honoring him with tattoos. This was also the first known religion to adopt the custom of conducting Baptisms with A&W Rootbeer instead on the more commonly seen Holy Water. Tyler now currently resides atop Bond Hill in the heart of Botany Hills where he manages his Record Label Interscope Records. The record currently promotes the likes of emerging bands in the Hardcore and Pop-Punk scenes such as Heroes, All Out Best, Smarter Than Einstein, Lost Luggage, and Dead In Lights.
"Dude did you see Tyler Lawless in the pit!? He was leveling Everyone!"

"Little kids look under their bed for the Boogey man, The Boogey man looks under his bed for Chuck Norris, and Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Tyler Lawless!"
by somecrazyrandomdudeinabox December 01, 2009
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