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Tyler Blackburn, born and raised in Los Angeles, California, plays Hanna Marin's (Ashley Benson) boyfriend Caleb Rivers, the hottest bad boy in history of teen show dramas, in the ABCFamily hit show Pretty Little Liars.

Tyler is best known for his luscious locks, grungy look, freaking gorgeous eyes and killer smile. He is super hot, funny, adorable AND talented. Tyler is called by some Johnny Depp's second coming.

His character was created by Marlene King and quickly became the biggest BAMF in Rosewood with the best lines. Caleb is the best/sexiest half of Haleb, the Pretty Little Liars' perfect OTP.

Tyler is so badass that fangirls created the word OMT (originally OMG - the G for God has been replaced with a T for Tyler).
Girl 1: "Tyler Blackburn is such a hot mofo, I could look at him for days."

Girl 2: "OMT. Caleb is DA BOMB."
by Corinna&Hanna October 12, 2011
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