A euphemism (another word for) giving a blowjob. Comes from the scene in Harry Potter and the half blood prince when Ginny and Harry are talking, and Ginny says "shoelace" and bends down to tie Harry's shoelace, but it looks like she's going to suck his cock.
Ron: where is Ginny?
Hermione: probably tying shoelaces.
Ron: what? whose?
Hermione: Harry's.
Ron: WTF?!
by SexyRanchDressingMan August 17, 2009
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When one is asked to tie someones shoelace, they have just been asked to "netflix and chill, these dogs will explain for me.
Hey you my shoelace is untied can u help me out ;)
-tying a shoelace
by seventyD February 27, 2016
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