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a disorder characterized by the inability to sing the correct song lyrics to a given song, or any song.

derived from the word formed by misunderstanding the lyrics, "time can't erase a feeling this strong," in Mariah Carey's 'always be my baby.'

Related forms:
ty⋅can⋅or⋅ist, noun
ty⋅can⋅or⋅is⋅tic, adjective
ty⋅can⋅or⋅is⋅ti⋅cal⋅ly, adverb
"Kyle is so tycanoristic, he always sings the wrong lyrics! And entirely tycanoristically, they're nowhere close to what the song is actually about!"

"I worry about Katie's tycanorism, she thinks most songs are written about moles. It's weird."

"Nate is a total closet tycanorist...but when he gets drunk, he screams out the lyrics he thinks are the right ones, and then we get to make fun of him for a few hours...."
by MrMoodles April 27, 2009
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