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She is a bad bitch she crazyand will cut a bitch she can fight but is not the fighter type but if someone fuck with her she will politely lay a bitch flat on their back she smart and mean so if your close to her your lucky she hatesfake people and keeps her circle close she can keep a crowd laughing and she is loyal and doesn’t take shit from no nigga so if you cheat ain’t no second chances it’s OVER
TyAijah is a bad bitch
by JZMAN1936wr May 23, 2018
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She is a kind sexy person.She keep her circle tight and hates fake people .Many likes to hate on her but she blocks them out ,she can always keep a crowd laughing .She is an athletic person she will be nice but once you get on her bad side it not a good look she keep her cool but her mouth tends to get disrespectful if she feel disrespected.She has a big heart and is not a hoe.She will hold someone down if their down for her ,she’s loyal and loves food.
Did you hear about Tyaijah today?
by JZMAN1936wr May 22, 2018
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