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A name in Hmong.

1) To wash clothes

2) A man that is confident but insecure at times about himself. He's got his boys, but he's also go his "girls" there too! Whenever he's curious or wants an opinion, he'll ask his girls. When it comes to manly questions that he won't be ashamed of asking to the boys, he'll ask them.

3) A hard worker.

4) I like "sexy time"

5) A person who likes to style his hair.

6) A person who likes to drink.

7) A person who thinks ponders on random thoughts with curiousity. Which at times, he tests random things out to see what happens.
Koj puas xav ntxuas(txoua) kuv cov qawg ncawm nas?

Eh dude, he's bustin a Txoua!
by mai*mai_hmong September 27, 2010
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