An Indie band formed in 2008 by the Lead Singers of Saves The Day and Say Anything. Released their self-titled debut album on February 3rd, 2009.

Band Members:
Max Bemis - Lead Guitar/Vocals (Say Anything)
Chris Conley - Guitar/Vocals (Saves The Day
Coby Linder - Drums/Percussion (Say Anything)
Dave Soloway - Bass Guitar (Saves The Day)

Two Tongues (2009)

A: Did you hear Two Tongues Album?

B: Yeah, my favorite song is 'Crawl'

A: Oh, mines 'Even If You Don't'. It really speaks to me.
by Last best hope February 17, 2009
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The art of eating your woman out while using your tongue, and bottom lip at the same time.
I was eating my woman out, when i started using my bottom lip like a second tongue, almost like a two tongue monster.
by chaves December 07, 2007
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