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Two Thousand and Sixteen


Noun, Proper

An individual year that took place over two thousand years into the Common Era (CE) where everyone important died, the worst American election in history took place, great social unrest occurred, and generally shitty events and movies happened. It is generally agreed that the world should have ended on this year instead of 2012 (many in America hope it happens before November 8th).

Also pronounced "Two Thousand Sixteen" or "Twenty Sixteen", this term is considered an insult and slur in the parts of the world where western culture and media is predominant.
"We don't talk about Two Thousand and Sixteen"

"I got AIDS and a kidney stone after my girlfriend broke up with me in 2016"

"Harambe died in 2016. Praise be to him"

"Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ran for President in 2016"

"Everyone I love on my blog died in 2016"

"Suicide Squad AND Batman/Superman came out in 2016"
by BigSlimJimmy August 29, 2016
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