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When a show (such as an awards show) comes on in one timezone and you are forced to relive it over and over in your Twitter timeline until it comes on in your own timezone in which case you barely even want to watch it because you already know how it ends, yet you do watch it only to give your own snarky commentary.
At the MTV Music Awards, when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kanye West, the Twitter universe lit up. People in the West Coast with East Coast People in their timelines were forced to see rolling tweets about what happened in their timeline for 3 hours prior to actually viewing the awards show.

@Blahchick80: "Oh hell naw, I can't believe Kanye did that sh*t to Taylor Swift!!"
@Teddybearcutie:"What did he do?"
@Blahchick80:"Ain't you watching the MTV awards?"
@Teddybearcutie:"Hell, naw, it's only 8pm here"
@Redgurl85:"If I was Taylor, I woulda kicked his ass!"
@Teddybearcutie "I gotta log off, this is the Twitterlight Zone..."

2 hours later....

@Teddybearcutie:"That Kanye is a real bastard, I would have punched him in the face if he did that to me"
@Redgurl85:"What, you're just now watching that? I swear, you West Coast people are so slooooww."
@Teddybearcutie: "STFU before I punch you in the face."
by Yomamaeatsbizkits February 05, 2010
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