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Where one idiot tries to get a whole bunch of idiots to twitter some sort of response or support to something the Original Idiot (OI) posted. Once the OI's post has gained enough Secondary Idiot (SI's) tweets, whatever they're petitioning for can potentially be noticed by a Huge Idiot(HI), presumably the one that started the whole idiot problem in the first place. Then, this HI sits around and chuckles that the OI and all the SI's have absolutely nothing better to do with their time than be idiots on twitter. Then perhaps to humor all the idiots, the HI does something about where they idiotically f*cked up and spawned a whole bunch of idiocy.
OI-- Someone stole my backstage Justin Bieber Concert tickets, and the company doesn't care! Sign my twitition to help me raise awareness about this Huge Idiot company! It took my almost a year to get the money for those tickets!

SI-- OMG NO, NOT THE TICKETS!!! *tweet tweet tweet*

HI-- WTF seriously? Fine.
by AnimusArgentis June 29, 2010
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