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A high-paced speed rapper from San Diego now residing in the 503 affiliated with the well known green wearin Lincoln Park Bloods and signed to Liquid Assets Records.
An educated guess is that he would be able to keep up with Guiness World Record holder Rebel XD.
The fastest flows I've heard have been in his songs called "Twisted Insane" , "Smash", "Venom", "From The Dome", (avail. only on his myspace) "Kick Rocks", (avail. only on his myspace but to be on his new album hells kitchen when its released) "Amazing".
Homie 1: Have you heard of that rapper Twisted Insane mayn?
Homie 2: Hell yeah his shits got me addicted to it like its heroine.
by D3th Ro September 08, 2009
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