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A dead head...greatful dead follower ...twirling to the music like only a dead head does...aka Twirlican (like American or Mexican). Twirlican A race of people including all races within its nationality...As If from a nation where there are no races where there is peace and love between all. Where there is no acknowledgement of race....for example American, Mexican, African, Nigerian or any other nationality doesn't matter being Twirlican is where no matter who you are or where your from your part of one big peaceful family that learns from each other and works together in turn living together in peace and harmony! If you were lucky enough to see a grateful dead concert; you also witnessed people dancing...twirling around continuously for entire songs lost deep in the music ......becoming one with the music, lost in the harmony of peaceful happiness!
I'm not american or mexican , twirlican is my heritage.
by OhhBecka June 01, 2018
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