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A type of hardcore drug that is made out of pure cocaine and rainbow sprinkles, along with other ingredients that derives from magic of the twilight saga I.E. blood of vampire victim, hair of werewolf, of sparkling skin cells of vampires, originally created with the purpose of transforming you into either a vampire or a werewolf depending what you put into the mix. however the rainbow sprinkles in the drug will backfire and turn you into a loving dark homosexual in the process. Many Dark, emo, or scene homosexuals may have become that way through this hardcore drug, It has been proven to be non-addictive however twilight fans can't seem to get enough of this. No deadly health side effects has so far been reported.
This may have been how Sonadow (Sonic & Shadow in love) may have been created. Either Sonic or Shadow, Or Possibly both may have been doing Twilight Dust.
by Coontail Storm March 11, 2011
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