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A person who pretends to like the "Twilight" series just because of it's popularity. Usually a girl between the ages of 11-14, who's often never read the book and had never actually heard of the series until there was a movie coming out, also possibly didn't see the movie. A Twiliar usually doesn't know much about the books, so they tend to only focus on talking about how "hot" Edward Cullen is. Often making their online status messages "ZOMG i *heart* EDWARD CULLEN" or something along those lines, just to fit in with the trend.
Person 1- "What do you think of the "Twilight" series?"
Twiliar- "i lyke edward. he's hawt"
Person 1- "Well, what do you think about the story itself."
Twiliar- "i lyke da part where edward says the stuff about lions and lambs, so hawt"
by Irene thinks you da bomb March 17, 2009
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