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A creepy creature that lives in a pile of fast food bags and wrappers, with zoney boxes.

It likes to techno dance and drinks jack and coke very frequently. Mostly nocturnal and loving sleep the twiginia can be awoken with the offering of Jack Daniels and occasionaly Marijuana Bong hits.

The twiginia often makes a pilgrimage to the bars where it can be seen drinking soco and lime.

It is worshiped by fat girls from delhi who are attracted to its ability to dance and consume large quantities of Jack Daniels.

The Twiginia is a mortal enemy of Evan Williams, little girls walking on the streets, and fat scumbags.

The Twiginia becomes very wise while it is high. It will occasionaly fight the Finokio and break things.
"Good twiginia, awaken and I shall bestow to you the Jack and Coke."

"The Twiginia just pushed those little baby girls down. They look like they feared for their lives"

by Star Destroyer September 21, 2008
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