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Virus that infects twelve-year-olds and causes them to act older than they really are, have more relationships than most highschoolers, overuse the word 'swag', disrespect women, post idiotic Facebook statuses, and just in general make people lose all faith in humanity. Though it's mostly twelve-year-olds who contract it, not all of them have it, and older/younger people can also get it.
Guy 1: "I saw your little brother's Facebook status last night, apparently he banged 30 hoes at his friend's party."
Guy 2: "WTF?!"
*Guy 1's Little Brother's Status Updates:
"Banged 30 hoez at da party last night #swag"
"Skipped pre algabra to pley froot ninja, i hid out in da bafroom #swag"
"The sun aint no star it's a sun #reeltalk"
Guy 2: *facepalms* "I don't believe this."
Guy 1: "Me neither... Maybe he got the Twelviloma Virus?"
by Hassan & Fei-Yen September 08, 2013
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