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A twelvie bitch is an eleven year old girl who is pretending to be a twelvie, when she isn't even on that level yet, unlike the people the grade above her. She will have Instagram which she will update regularly with selfies of her and her BFFL. She has one or two baes and will beg her parents to drop her at the mall, only to take lots of selfies with her baes and tag them in the photo. Expect, even in the middle of winter, to have slutty lace tops and miniskirts, and don't forget the make-up! She will often comment on her friends profiles with a '😍 so pretty bae'. Comes in the form of Ashleys, Georgias, Lanas and Halles.
Stupid twelvie bitch
Look at all the twelvie bitches
by doctorpotter July 03, 2014
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