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A cute little country town in North-eastern California. There is are a small number of people who live there year round, but Twain Harte is mainly a place for retired couples and a vacationing palce for families! There are about 5,000 people population in Twain Harte and everyone is really nice! Twain Harte is home of the Twain Harte lake and "awesome" 9 hole golf course. Everyone knows everybody else and everyone si so friendly. The top spots in T.H. are the twain harte pee-wee golf course which is owned by a cute religious couple who has a lot of grandchildren! If you win at the pee-wee golf course on the last hole than you get a free game but if you lose, there is a freaky clown that sticks his tongue out at you on the wall- haha. The lake is really fun in the summer and the snack shack is really good- dip frosties are amazing!!! In the winter, everyone usually goes skiing at dodge ridge or sledding at Little Sweeden, or ice scating at Long Barn! Sometimes it snows a lot in T.H. and other times not so much. For dinner everyone either goes to the Villa de Oro or the Eporson House. The pizza factory ids really good too! For breakfest, the sportaman and the cattage cafe in town are cute to go to!The famous Twain Harte mini-mart clsoed down recently whoch is really sad becuase if you got a red gumball in the machine there, you'd get a free movie from the bookshelf of random movies that they had there. 4th of Uly is probably one of the most exciting times of the year up there. There's a lake BBQ, everyone definitly wears red, white and blue and everyone is happy. The lake is usually packed during that weekend and it seems that all the familes join together in TH that weekend! Who could forget the awesome fourth of july parade at the lake where a bunch of people amrch from one end of the lake to the rock and the elderly man who leads it usually walks into the water with the huge flag- it's pretty funny!! The rock at twain harte lake is a huge and when I say huge, I mean huge rock...everyone lounges on it and theres a great view from it!! In general Twain Harte is the ebst palce on earth- you can't really understand its beauty until you've been there- even more than the town itself, the sense of community and family present in TH is enough to make you happy! I heart TH!!!!!
Twain Harte is a cute town where a lot of people have cabins and other weird people live.
by Miranda55667 October 14, 2006
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