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Vietnamese girls' name.

All the Tuyet Nhi's I've ever known are all amazing in so many ways. Consider yourself lucky if you know a Tuyet Nhi. She's a keeper. If you know a Tuyet Nhi, she is likely to be:
- Fun to hang with
- Spontaneous
- Two-faced, in a good way. (She can be an angel but she's got a rebellious side)
- Has a cute laugh
- Very polite but can be very mean to those she hates
Person: I love Tuyet Nhi, she's brilliant!
Person 2: Doesn't everyone?
by JinIzaah November 19, 2010
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Tuyetnhi is the most unpredictable lesbian you'll ever meet. She has a crazy wacky in a good way personality. She is loyal and one of the greatest friends you could ever have. She's nice and crazy at the same. She could do a lot of weird things though that may scare some normal people away, but if you're just as weird as her she's just right for u. She might do some crazy shit sometimes but it's ok you'll get use to it.
Normal Person: Tuyetnhi is really weird sometimes.
Tuyetnhi's Friends: Nah she's just like that. You'll get use to her.
by Don Cheadel July 07, 2018
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