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A tuskman is any guy you might know who:

is just really beefy; strong and muscular,

may look a little chubby but it's really mostly muscle,

is a real manly man - no messing around for him,

maybe aspires to become a walrus or grow tusks one day,

and he also tends to turn a lot of men gay because he's just so amazing.
E.g. 1
Guy #1: Look at that dude's muscles, fuck, he's ripped!
Guy #2: I know man, he's a real tuskman! <3

E.g. 2
Normal Guy: Supp dude, managed to grow manly tusks yet?
Tuskman: No man...But I'll keep on trying.

E.g. 3
Hoe: Ew no, that guy's a fatty, LOL.
Guy: No you hoe, he's a fuckin tuskman!
Hoe: oh. Damnn boy!! <3
Guy: Damn right. <3
by Walrus Ninja <3 January 14, 2010
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