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He is the epitome of awesome. He can beat you at anything you do, because he's motherfuckin' Tuscuttar.

He is a god among men, he can make people do anything he wants by merely looking at them. He will stare into your very soul and destroy every fabric of your being with his mind. Don't even look at him funny, because he will fuck yo' day up.

Some have said that there are shrines in the most remote parts of the planet dedicated to the worship of him, they offer living sacrifices of Mountain Dew to his alter.

However, if you prove to him that you aren't a douche-bag and worthy of his presence, he's a pretty cool guy. And

-much like Halo- he doesn't afraid of anything.
"Person 1: Dude, did you see Tuscuttar walk by there?"

"Person 2: WHERE?! *Faints*
by SomeoneWhoIsntTuscuttar October 05, 2011
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