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During intercourse from behind, the man takes a baseball bat or similar device and knocks the receiver unconscious just prior to his climax. As the man climaxes he holds the baseball bat or similar tool above his head with both hands and makes a war-cry replicating the scene from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when the Tuscan Raider attacks Luke when he is searching for RD-D2 with C3PO.

See also: Tuscan Raided, Donkey Punch
"So did you have fun last night?" "Yeah, I gave my girlfriend a Tuscan Raider!" "Nice!"
by JDAPS March 07, 2009
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The hardest yet most legendary sex manoeuvre of all time.

Whilst engaging in intercourse carefully remove the penis and insert the barrel of a gun into the vagina/anus in replace of the penis.

Once complete lift the person ,who has the barrel of the gun inside of them, and hoist them into the air into a sitting position on the barrel of the gun.

Proceed to lift and drop the person in a quick fashion while making the noise of a Tuscan Raider (a character from Star Wars).

You are now a sexual Legend.
" man my girlfreind is breaking up with me"

" Oh no why?"

" Her ass prolapsed after a performing a mean Tuscan Raider"
by JoshTheTuscanRaider January 18, 2017
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