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Ditch-like stone or cement structurs built along side roads and sidewalks to allow water run off to flow during the rainy seasons. The word "turtleditch" is most commonly used on military bases in South Korea where these types of channels flourish throughout the region and it is believed that the concept of "turtleditches" originated on U.S. military bases in South Korea.
The "turtle" came from the kevlar helmets that U.S. and ROK soldiers where which resembles the shell of a turtle. The ditch of course comes from the actual purpose for which the structures were built. Although the turtleditches can be found in various depths and widths, in most cases they are not marked or protected by railings. Many drunken soldiers and civilians alike have fallen into the ditches hence the name "turtleditch".
"The other night, Smith and I were walking back from the club when he fell into a turtleditch over by the mess hall. He cracked his head up pretty good."
by Shaneoj August 22, 2007
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