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1.) A form of coffee preparation widely popularized during the former Ottoman empire. During preparation, the coffee beans are ground into a powder/dry clay-like consistency and then boiled in water. This style of preparation is unique in the respect that it does not require the use of a filter. As the coffee grounds brew they simply settle to the bottom of the cup.

2.) A profound sexual maneuver in which a female of Mediterranean origin places her posterior within the general vicinity of a male's genitalia.
Man: Excuse me waiter, but there appears to be a gratuitous amount of sludge at the bottom of my cup.

Waiter: Oh that's just the coffee grounds, we use a Turkish Grind here.


Guy: Dude, that girl from the Greek restaurant took me back to her place last night and gave me a Turkish Grind!

Other Guy: Dude, righteous!
by JavaTheMocha September 12, 2010
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