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The act of crapping on a paper plate then taking a small explosive of some sort (for example an M-80,firecracker, etc) and placing it on the top of the fecal matter.
After this one should select the victim (or birthday boy/girl) and approach them stealthily without having ignited the explosive device. After successfully sneaking up the target the explosive should be ignited and (very, very) shortly after the this person presenting the “cake” should announce their presence by thrusting the “cake” into the hands of the recipient whilst wishing them a “Happy Birthday” as loudly as possible…..then running…

“So, I was sitting at home the other day when there was a knock at the door. I got up and went to the door to see who was there. When I opened the door a young man was holding a paper plate of shit with a lit firecracker in the top. He thrust it at me and not wanting it to tumble and get all over my shirt I instinctively took it. Not knowing what to do and not wanting it to explode all over me I placed on the floor of the porch. It was at that moment that I realized that it would explode all over my door and porch so I tried to kick it gently way so it wouldn’t make such a mess. However I was slightly scared to touch it as I believed it would detonate at any minute so I thought that picking it up and running it a safe distance would solve the problem………..

(of course, by the time any one had thought all of this the Turkish Birthdaycake would have exploded and something they care about or themselves would have been showered in shit)

Get the picture?
by Mylo the Terrible April 14, 2008
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