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The hightest insult a n00b can give. A noob who is usally 11 or 12 says "You mofo's are turdwanks" or "I totally turdwanked you in that game with my spartan laser" Or energy sword, flamethrower, lancer and any kind of noob weapon" The turdwank was fist being used widespread by noobs in late 2007 in Halo 3, it quickley spread to other games. If you are called a turdwank do not taunt the newb, just kick his ass because he is a n00b!
"I Totally pwned you turdwanks with my lancer" - newb
by bonkers455 March 20, 2009
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A male who is of disrespectful manner to a female stranger. Particularly with sexual requests or intentions. Turd wanks tend to be very conceited (i.e. someone who talks 'at' you and not 'to' you.), devious and annoying.
Liz: "I was visiting italy once, and while i was sitting on a staircase with my friend, this complete turd-wank came up to us and started trying to make conversation with us. Then we had enough and walked away and he was like 'wait! will you let me take you to dinner?! I will buy you a dress and you can keep it if you make love to me!'. "
by Liz R. and Justin N. January 22, 2009
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