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Turding Out is when someone with a social embarrassment will delay taking a dump until everyone has left the room or gone home. This allows the bubbling turds and gas to build up and marinate in their colon. For instance in college 3 of us were sharing a a double hotel room in Las Vegas, my buddy Marco and I were ready to hit the clubs, as was Jason, but he kept saying he'd meet us down in the casino, Marco and I hit the elevator, I realized I didn't have my wallet, went back to the room and heard a cacophony of sounds coming from the bathroom . It sounded like Buddy Rich was on a drum kit , hitting triplets, and while a duck was quacking out, just then a gas cloud hung over the entire suite, I realized that Jason had waited for us to leave so he could turd out the atomic powered dump. I gagged, grabbed my wallet and ran to the elevator.
Adrian waited until she thought everyone was out back on the patio drinking beer, I walked back inside to drain the weasel , as I headed to the guest bathroom, I nearly was knocked out by a hail of incoming high pitched hisses rapid fire farts, and plunks , then I realized I'd have to wait, Adrian was turding out. The hasty funk of this little mousy vixen was choking me out.
by Casbah Ken October 24, 2015
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