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usually a annoying-ass individual who thinks he/she is a hippie and pretty much the reincarnation of "Jimmy Hendrix". These "Turd Trolls" are mostly famous for their turd-like dredlocks, which are fashioned by week old piece of turd found in the jungles of South Africa, but to obtain this majestic substance they must fight off the powerful wilderbeasts of the jungle with their extremely terrible taste in music. Thus the music was so audibly painful, the wilderbeasts jumped off the tallest of mountains and committed suicide. After this vicious battle, the "Turd Troll" calls his servants of dung beetles to roll up the "goods" and rub and roll the turd on their head, swirling their poorly damaged hair around it. Atlas! You have your "Turd Troll". These species of people usually wear tie-dye and wish they were Jamaican, even though they're white as hell.
Person #1: "Hey is that a "Turd Troll"?

Person #2: Does he have dredlocks and wearing tie-dye

with Jimmy Hendrix on it?

Person #1: Yup.

Person #2: Then, he is a Turd Troll.

Person #1: Awwww, poor douchebag.
by j-jello January 07, 2010
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