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A person that we all know very well (there's always one that you know) that doesn't have a clue about anything anyone has to say but will take your last statement and either A, regurgitate it back to you like they've formed their own opinion or B, take your statement and repeat it word for word.
The word is formed using the word "turd" instead of shit to refer to your thoughts and opinions as said above your "shit" and swatter to give the image of swiping/stealing. A basic version of this word would be shit swiper or something along those lines.

The word is also becoming a popular general insult in the town of Cheltenham where the originator of the word currently resides.
you "I really like cheese it's awesome"
Hater of cheese "me too its just so good"
you"which kinds do you like?"
Hater of cheese "yellow cheese?"
you "f**king turd swatter*
by beauwtw January 08, 2013
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