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The act of failing in an extremely fast and/or consitant manner. Commonly used on internet forums and online gaming to describe noobs or bads.
Player 1: God damnit! I'm always the first one to die on our team!!!
Player 2: Maybe if you wouldn't turbofail we'd be winning.

Forumer 1: OMG look at my hawt sister.
Forumer 2: Turbofail.
by Mr. Bad January 23, 2008
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A "Fail" that is a bigger fail than a basic fail but not quite an "Epic Fail." A Fail that is rapidly barrelling towards Epic Fail proportion.
This drive-through is a turbo fail. The parking lot exit uses the drive through lane, and you can't see cars coming from the drive through.
by Fiach Neart Faol October 11, 2018
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