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A stupid ass rivalry to determine which vehicle class which is the best that mostly retard rednecks love to bitch about.

Pros & Cons



Looks good on the outside and sounds smooth on the inside
Has a good variety in manufacturers (ex. Nissan, Toyota)
Able to turn well

Good gas mileage


Not as fast as Muscles or Exotics

Some engines in some models can be rather complicated
And are often defined as shit (or ricers) by Muscle Heads and Exotic Aficionados



Loud ass sound in the engine
Known for being fast for years

"No replacement for displacement"
Equally fast as Exotics and more faster than Tuners

Has a legacy by manufacturers (ex. Dodge, Chevy, and Ford)


Only legendary at Drag Racing and NASCAR
Can burn up gas like a suicidal chicken in hell

The result: Muscle

(but personally I really don't fucking care I like both,
why bitch about it? I don't know)
Muscle Head: Tuners vs Muscle which is better, personally I think Muscle cars are the greatest car ever made than some shitty gay ass ricer whatchamacallit? Neesan (Nissan) Handern (Honda) Massa (Mazda) so which is it?

Me: I really don't fucking care which better, I like both, I'm not going to waste my time or my life saying which better, each has their pros and cons.

Muscle Head: Um, well my Hemi can but your car in a second, let's race

Me: Fuck off, please
by I'm mixed June 29, 2011
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