Tumblrcore is the genre all bands get once they've become popular seemingly over-night on popular blogging website Tumblr. For bands to be eligible to be considered Tumblrcore, they must have a Fuck Yeah! blog, and vast amounts of teen bloggers on their jock.

Tumblrcore bands include: A Day To Remember, Bring Me the Horizon, The Wonder Years, Of Mice and Men, Suicide Silence, ect.
Teen Blogger 1: "Hey man, have you read the new post on YourMusicBlogSucks? She totally made a post with album reviews from every tumblrcore band!"

Teen Blogger 2: "Yeah man! I lol'd so hard when I seen the comments from all the butthurt BMTH fans."
by YourMusicBlogSucks January 6, 2012
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