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A Tumblr Nazi is a person, usually between the ages of 16 and 40, who disguises their misguided stupidity with social justice by antagonizing people for horrifying offenses like:

Using the phrase "face your fears"
Assuming someone that they met for the first time is a gender that they appear to be
Being Straight
Being While
Being Male
Eating Meat
Having a healthy body
Using the phrase "that's weird" to describe anything
Disagreeing with them

A Tumblr Nazi usually has an overly-inflated ego, and also believes themselves to be morally superior to everyone they meet.
"Hey, did you hear that Linda wrote the words "Check Your Privilege" using her feces on the doors of all the male dorms?"
"Yes. It was her and her team of Tumblr Nazis"
by whispy82 August 09, 2016
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