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The school of feminist thought that, instead of fighting for gender equality, is more concerned with seeming liberal and feminist and not actually *being* feminist. This is often achieved through strict internet doctrine and openly ostracizing those who do not agree with them. One other symptom of Tumblr Feminism is that, when asked to explain their opinions, sufferers will get angry and storm off rather than actually answering the question. Similar words and ideas include Feminist Nazi, fringe feminists, and feminventing.

Origin: The term "Tumblr Feminism" derives from the social media site Tumblr, which is one of the major gathering places of those with such beliefs. However, Tumblr is not the only site this phenomenon is present, and likewise, not all feminists on Tumblr are true "Tumblr Feminists."
"She told me that I was anti-woman for thinking strip clubs are wrong. Don't strip clubs actually contribute more to the objectifying of women, which is detrimental to female rights?"
"Yeah, don't put much stock into what she says about the matter. She's a Tumblr Femininist."

"Because she believes in Tumblr Feminism, she is against all forms of shaming. Unless, of course, it involves shaming someone who has a different opinion than her."
by feminismshouldmeanequality March 08, 2014
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Yet another neologism that cynical young guys use to put down feminism by dividing it's adherents into ever more fragmented subgroups and implying the usual misogynistic traits (narcissism, shallowness, irrationality, etc) instead of trying to learn a single thing about actual feminism or engaging with individuals on a level beyond that required for a supposed gotcha.
So your tumblr feminism is at least something to laugh at, while your typical facebook feminism is just a sad narcissistic joke and of course radical feminism is too extreme and intersectional fourth wave feminism is really just identity politics. Wow, man, look at that booty! Heya baby, got plans for tonight?!
by cutesprite May 16, 2016
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