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A Tumblr GF is a girlfriend that you have relations with on the popular blogging website . They are generally very needy and need you to be on 24/7 because they have no life and only care about you. When you get a Tumblr GF, you know you're going to die alone. If you have had a Tumblr GF, please refrain from telling anyone about this horrible part of your past.
Person A: Do you have a Tumblr GF?
Person B: Yes, I do.
Person A: ..yeah, I'm gunna have to go... see you never.
by dragonsareganstaaf June 15, 2014
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A tumblr gf is a female you've never met with an attractive blog. A link to your tumblr gf's blog is featured on your main page menu links. You promote each other and are super cute.
"-About me
-If you're feeling down

-tumblr gf"
by itsokaykid November 09, 2014
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