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Tumblr Down Syndrome occurs when "edgy" teenage attention whores spend all their spare time on Tumblr.

Symptoms include:
2Cutting ones own wrists in attempt to appear "edgy"
3Hating on cis white males
4Believing "cis" is an insult
5Writing shitty poetry


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I want to kill myself.

6Listening to "obscure" bands such as mcr an 5sos
7Hating on one for having an opinion
8Creating cringey/cancerous fandoms
9Spewing bullshit via keyboard
10Pretending to be LGBT to appear "cooler"
Guy1: Hey ,You talk to that semi-gorgeous chick over there?
Guy2: Yeah, but it turns out she's got Tumblr Down Syndrome, you'll never get her.
by Ni11ioN June 10, 2016
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