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The adjective given to a group of three friendly individuals in a non-academic high school class. The tulumptuous trio features two good friends and a third "casual" friend who is rarely associated with outside of the classroom.
The trio is ideal for laughing at the pointlessness of the class. There is also the little known "fourth man" who sits slightly in front of the tulumptuous trio and adds occasional funny comments at the discretion of the tulumptuous trio.
Good Friend #1: Yo man, this health class sucks. No one even uses female condoms.

Good Friend #2: Yeah. Glad we have a tulumptuous trio going on. Yo, would you bang the teacher?

"Friend" #3: Dude, I would not.

Fourth Man: (smiles)
by ralphnaderforthewin1996 March 15, 2012
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