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Little balls of shit that get caught in your ass hair's after wiping. Usually gets worse as you get older, generally rolled with small amounts of toilet paper.
Man, my ass is itchy... Must be full of tud balls.

Joe: Hey, Hanks give me a hand!

Hanks: Fucks no!

Joe: Hanks, your being a friggin' tud ball!
by Dr. Shitsteins July 05, 2010
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A short, rounded peice of fecal matter that disengages itself from the mass and falls separately from the mass. Most commonly seen in pets, especially dogs. It's often seen dropped on the floor after successfully defacating outside. More often than not, it's the final peice of feces of the total mass.
Uh oh!! There's a tudball on the carpet! Where's that dog?! I'm not pickin' that thing up.
by Cheryl September 28, 2004
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