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A small town in New Jersey famous for the Seaport and Decoy Show. It's surrounded on all sides by Little Egg Harbor, which everybody considers Tuckerton because they share the same zip code and LEH has no claim to fame. Everyone in Tuckerton goes to Pinelands Regional and smokes weed all day. People consider it a "hick town" or "trailer trash" but there aren't any hicks at all, they're just mistaking it with West Creek or Parkertown. There are only 2 trailer parks but they are only for retired people, and one of them always seems to catch fire.
There are 3 wawas within a minute of eachother, and 2 rite-aids. You know you've made it when your name appears in sharpie along the guardrail behind the Wawa in tuckerton. Nobody can park at that wawa because it's filled with bikes, and longboards from all the teenagers who hang there, aka the "soft-core druggies". The hard core stoners hang at the Hometown Market in Mystic Island. All kids do is bike or longboard while drunk or high along route 9 or radio road. the only day that you wont see kids hanging on the side of the road is Halloween when they all go to The Avenues.
Stay away from Mystic Island, Tavistock, or Tuckerton Meadows and you'll survive without being jumped. All the rich kids live in either Kara Homes, Holly Lakes, or a waterfront home, which always end up being grow houses. Everyone in Tuckerton is either scene, emo, or skater, and all complain about how bored they are.
Person #1: Let's go to Amsterdam!

Person #2: Why? There's more weed in Tuckerton

Random stoner: That guy shot his next-door neighbor because they both grew weed in their house

Rich couple from Pennsylvania: We're never vacationing in Tuckerton Beach ever again!
by NJersey October 08, 2009
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A small place in southern New Jersey, often times referred to as, "the arm pit" or "crotch" of New Jersey. It is also rumored to cause cancer.
"Oh my God Sara, where did you get that huge tumor on the side of your face?"
"Oh, this? I went to Tuckerton yesterday"
by Casper Rae June 27, 2008
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