The Tsuda-Effect, in short, the Tsuda-Effect is a complicated phenomenon that occurs to some whenever the famed voice actor Tsuda Kenjiro speaks.

People of all genders will (soon) swoon for the man and thus get affected by the Tsuda-Effect, be it a little hum, a chuckle, or an entire lap of text straight from Tsuda Kenjiro’s voice and the ones who’ve previously been known to be simps, will be hit.

And they will be hit hard, because for at least a week the people who are affected will have reoccurring thoughts about the character he voiced.
— “I… have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

— “The Tsuda-Effect got to me. His voice—I’m simping for a spider. A literal half spider half man—a retired Yakuza who’s now a loving husband, househusband!—a-and blonde dude from a game and he’s immortal and… Oh my god. Help. Help...”

“You cannot be saved—the Tsuda-Effect will stay! And it could get worse over time or it will naturally fade until.. you find another character voiced by him… I’m sorry —.”

— “Ah… all Hail Tsuda I guess.”
by Dainsnuggler May 16, 2023
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