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Tseion, relating to the Hebrew word Tzion, means "Heaven on Earth." Tseion's are mostly Habesha (Ethiopian), with strict ties to the Habeshan culture, and are usually very spiritual or religious. Tseion's are very beautiful and they know it. Tseion's are quite accustomed to receiving compliments about their beauty. Tseion's have such dark, ebony eyes that provide uniformity with the complexion of her skin. They are quite often people pleasers, but once you get to know them, they often have quite an attitude. If you ever get a chance to dance with a Tseion, do it. With legs like the Eiffel Tower, and an ass to remember, it can bring any man to their knees for the are "Heaven on Earth."
"Dude, did you dance with that Tseion chick last night?" "Hell yeah, that ass left my dick with side-effects."
"I heard you went on a date with Tseion. Did you hit that?" "Yeah, that pussy soo tight, damn."
"Tseion is my Ethiopian princess."
by Zion Michael July 17, 2014
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