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TSAM-BA-SIS (SED) (ING); Verb; Derived from being slammed in an argument/ debate.

1. To have the basis of an idea disproved. Ultimately nullifying/ discrediting the idea itself.

2. Getting screwed over by having your argument slammed/ bashed.

3. Motion of a techinical foul from basketball can be used to silently depict that a tsambasis has occured.
1. The theory of the earth being flat was tsambasissed by Christopher Columbus's voyage.

2. Gallileo tsambassised the Catholic Church's theory that the sun revolved around the earth.

3. "Why are you tsambassing me?!?! Let me finish my point!"

4. Q: "How did your debate go?" A: "The other team tsambasissed the crap out of me."

5. Q: "How did that dog die?" A: "The car tsambasissed him. He thought he could make it across the street."
by The GreatDebater 1984 December 26, 2009
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