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Definition for a person who doesn't try at anything, is unmotivated and doesn't particulary give a shit about anything. Seems to look and act tired or lazy. Usualy because they have no long term goals in life, think life is a waste of time or think whatever their doing is a waste of time.

Not to be confused with a Try Hard, a person who acts very similarly to a douche. For example like constantly posing to be a rebel against the system or atempting jokes at every oppurtunity that no one else is going to think are funny. Also like to arrive late in EVERY class and act like they own the place.
"look at that girl sleeping in class, shes like ALWAYS so lazy and tired, such a Try soft."

"Well atleast shes not a try hard, like you Miranda"
by CarlosLovesBurito June 24, 2009
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When someone tries really hard to achieve an erection, but comes up short (no pun intended)

also known as a failcid
Andrew Holderman is the new Try Soft at Eaton High School
by Schnalex November 24, 2010
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