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When someone spills the hard truth in your face and it is usually something you don't want to hear.
Shequila: Janice, Your husband cheated on you by sleeping with Shayquanda, spilling some truth tea on yo ass.
Janice: That filthy ass lying nigga did what?????
by Tingle with a Glock May 16, 2016
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Truth tea does not exist. It's simply "the T" or "the tea".

"T" or "Tea" means the truth so when someone has some tea, they are not serving "truth tea" they are simply serving tea.

It's like saying "ATM machine" knowing the "M" stands for's like saying it twice.
"Oh sh*t! Brenda is about to serve some truth tea!"
"No Becky, it's just tea. Truth tea is like saying truth, truth"
by Anita Noose August 07, 2018
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When somebody has alcohol and spills their true thoughts
Ebony: /has a shot ay Jenna you bitch, i hate you
Jenna; bitch you just had some truthtea
by Truthtea guy March 30, 2012
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