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Any illusion perpetrated by biased media intended to undermine incipient megalomania. Visually akin to trump brag
Jane: Hey did you see how few attended the presidential inauguration?
Josh: Trump L'oeil. There were at least 2 million there. I saw it with my own eyes.
by Tenlegporkchop January 23, 2017
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an illusion in life form, especially as used to trick the populace into thinking they are getting something for nothing while in fact they are being robbed blind

an orange tiny handed egomaniac with no real talent that deflects attention by blaming real , competent individuals so they cannot do their jobs.
"I read the art of the deal and it made no sense."

"That's a work of fiction, a joke really, or should we say a trump l'oeil"

I thought we had a real President but it was only a trump l'oeil
by kscruzen September 03, 2018
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